Surgery combining O Arm and robotics: a boon for patients

The Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), a super-specialty center, has become India’s first healthcare facility to combine the O-Arm, a cone beam CT scanner, with the MAZOR X™️ Stealth Edition, a robotic surgical system for performing spinal surgery with optimum precision. Any error made while operating on patients with spinal ailments, especially in difficult cases of revision surgery or severe spinal deformities, can have devastating consequences such as paralysis or, in some cases, death. According to ISIC doctors, this technology has been a boon because it improves outcomes while causing less pain. Using the newly introduced integrated system, ISIC’s surgeons successfully operated on two young girls with spinal deformities.

Healthcare providers may be able to skip mandatory pre-and post-operative steps like a CT scan because developments on the operating table can be monitored in real-time with the integrated system. Furthermore, the combination significantly reduces the risk of a patient becoming paralyzed or contracting an infection following surgery, resulting in a faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.