Be the part of the community of like-minded robotics enthusiasts who are curious, innovative and creative and wish to come together to learn and share together. Building a robot is about more than just putting pieces together!Explore and analyze the world around you as you understand the science behind creating and programming a robot. TX RoboClub offers you to engage students within your institute campus and giving them opportunity to learn and showcase their talent at International Platform.


STEP 1: Form group of minimum 5 members (can be unlimited) of any age group or classes from same Institute.

STEP 2: Decide name of the Club

STEP 3: Register online and get recognition.


  • Registration Club name at TX domain
  • Networking with International Robotics Club members. Exchange knowledge and technologies.
  • Attend FREE Online Live Sessions to make various type of bots throughout year
  • Participate in District/ National/ International Championships and get awards
  • Attend FREE Tech Seminars
  • Highlight your innovations on TX app and FT News
  • Highlight your accomplishments on TX page and app.
  • International Ranking of your Club. Top rankers may get sponsorships for making bots.