Robo War

30 – 60 – 120 Pound wired and wireless

Sumo Robo Bots fights with their dangerous hydraulic, mechanical, electrical weapons. The compeon is carried out in a tournament format. Team bring their robots ready to bale and are pied against theircompetors’ bots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena and scoring maximum points.

Robo Soccer

Teams of minimum 3 bots each, scoring goals either by an aacking or defending. They give one goal to the team on the opposite side. after a goal, game will be restarted with a kickoff from the team who received the goal against. Before a kick-off, all damaged or out of-bounds robots are allowed to return to the playing field immediately if they are ready and fully funconal

Fastest Line Follower

Build your own autonomous robot within the specified dimensions to achieve the maximum speed to beat other robots on the given track to reach the destination in minimum me. The robot must start behind the starting point and is considered to have crossed the finishing line if any part of the robot crosses it in a full lap of the course. The robot must follow the black line. The competition area has a special place defined for the robot’s operation (hereafter COMPETITION FIELD).

Robo Race

Teams design either wired or wireless robots within the specified dimensions that can operated manually and can travel through all turns of the track. Lots of hurdles and obstacles on the track. The robot that completes the specified task in least me will be the winner.

RC Craft

Team builds RC Plane, which can take off, and land on the ground and has ability to do maneuvers. RC Plane needs to be built according to the specified dimensions of technoxian guidelines. Mulple hurdles and fastest task compleon team becomes champion.


The compeon entails building a QuadCopter (drone) from a kit of parts with suitable customizaon to address a specific theme. Further qualifying scores by crossing hurdles within specific me. The maximum scorer team is the winner.

Water Rocket

A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The water is forced out by a pressurized gas,typically compressed air.Water rocket hobbyists typically use one or more plastic so drink bole as the rocket’s pressure vessel. A variety of designs are possible including mul-stage rockets.

Micro Mouse

The MicroMouse Contest is a game in which self-contained robots, made by parcipants,autonomously explore a maze (by themselves) and compete for the shortest me to reach the goal. This is know to be one of the most famous challenge internaonally and real show of programming competency of the team.


WRC Innovation challenge is aimed at providing support, encouragement of young sciensts who have bright ideas to showcase in the field of science, engineering and technology. Theme based challenge witnessed hundreds of innovations in previous years of technoxian.

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