You can now listen to recorded Spaces on Twitter!!

Twitter has blazoned the vacuity of a new point that will allow druggies to hear to preliminarily recorded Spaces. This point is accessible via Android, iOS, and the web.
This decision to make recorded Spaces available to druggies places Twitter on the same path as traditional podcasts. This is an extremely useful point, as druggies will be suitable to hear to a discussion after the Spaces has ended, allowing them to tune into or readdress conversations they may have missed. Twitter’s newest point follows in the steps of Club. The audio-only social media platform lately launched Replay, which allows druggies to record live apartments and partake them after the session.
Select hosts can also record Spaces on iOS and Android, according to Twitter. Following the October launch of Spaces, this option was originally available to elect hosts on iOS.
Hosts who have this option must produce a live audio room by assigning a title to the Space they’re hosting. The Space also requires up to three markers to describe the content of the discussion, as is the standard for hosting any Space on Twitter. Before clicking” Start a Space,” hosts can elect the”Record Space” option.
Still, all druggies sharing in that discussion will see a”Rec” button with a red fleck on top, If a Space is being recorded. When the session is finished, the host must tap the’ End’ button, which will bring up a pop-up box asking for evidence to end the Space and the recording.
When this is completed, the Space recording can be participated across the platform, and interested listeners can tune in to play it back orre-share it whenever they want.
Twitter has been adding features to Spaces since its sanctioned launch before this time. It now supports the sharing of direct links, allowing listeners to tune into a live audio session on the web without logging into the platform. According to the company, this point is for people who want theirnon-Twitter musketeers to hear in on Spaces they host.