More secured communication medium for robots

The adoption of blockchain technology as a communication medium for a robot team might provide security and protect against fraud. A blockchain offers a tamper-proof record of all transactions. So, the members of the robot’s team can eventually identify inconsistencies if any in the information trail. Leaders use tokens to communicate moves and add transactions to the chain, and they lose their tokens when caught misleading, thus this transaction-based messaging system restricts the number of misinformation that a hacked robot may disseminate. In addition, the blockchain keeps a permanent record of all transactions. Because all followers will ultimately be able to view all of the directions issued by leader robots, they will be able to determine if they have been deceived.

For example, if five leaders send signals instructing followers to travel north and one leader instructs followers to move west, the followers may disregard the contradictory instruction. Even if a follower robot goes west by mistake, the mislead robot will ultimately recognize the error when it compares its motions to the blockchain transactions.
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