Flying drones in a complex environment with artificial intelligence

Researchers at the University of Zurich have devised a novel method for autonomously flying quadrotors across unfamiliar, complicated situations at high speeds using just onboard sensors and computing. The novel method is expected to be beneficial on construction sites or for security applications. Drones are hard to beat when it comes to exploring complicated and […]

Artificial Intelligence v/s Human Intelligence

A lot of controversies and debates are going all around the world questioning the reliability of Artificial Intelligence which is in comparison with human intelligence. Man-made things are always questioned upon because God-made things are full of emotions. While artificial intelligence has got only logic when it comes to providing solutions to problems, human intelligence […]

Youth and Robotics

Youth is always ready to explore new things and work on new ideas. They are very open to accepting the changes. The kind of participation from the youth that is seen nowadays in Robotics and Technology competitions is unbelievable. The World Robotics Championship which was organized by TechnoXian in association with AICRA saw more than […]

If you are looking for people who love the art and science of making robots just like you do, we have something for you

The Roboclub by TechnoXian is inviting all the Robo-Enthusiasts from all over the world for being a member of it and enjoy the process of learning and making robots along with like-minded people who love robots at a very minimal fee. The Roboclub is a multi-student live educational platform where practical live sessions on technology, […]

Role of Technology in fighting Climate Change

The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman has emphasized the role of technology in fighting Climate Change. She asked for international cooperation to increase the supply of alternative sources of energy and technologies to India. A Virtual Symposium called G20 High-level Tax Symposium on Tax Policy and Climate Change was organized by Italy recently. During […]

Technoxian News

The World Robotics Championship 2021 is expected to see more than 50,000 participants from 50+ countries of the world including participation from all the states of our country. As per the announcement made by the Tech-firm Technoxian that organizes World Robotics Championship in association with AICRA (All India Council for Robotics and Automation) every year, […]


Our future has a lot of things to unfold and we can only predict some of the happenings of the coming decades. Among these few predictable future events, two are pretty certain namely Drastic Climate Change and Fantastic Robots. Today, we will talk about the second one. A lot of Tech-enthusiasts have come up with […]